Quickbooks Interface

Anyone who's used a point of sale software package in their business knows what a pain it can be to move your numbers out and into an accounting package.  That is why the CenterEdge Advantage suite offers a QuickBooks Interface.

This interface will make the lives of both you and your accountant far easier.  Almost all accounting entries that need to be made can be downloaded directly into QuickBooks, either on the same computer or via a file that can be emailed to other computers.  It will automatically create a journal entry for each business day, turning a major hassle into a simple click of a button.


CenterEdge Software is by far one of the best & most innovative software companies to work with. Kim Williams, The Funplex
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  • Creates a single journal entry for each business day that contains almost everything you'll need
  • Transfer sales to various G/L numbers based on the item categories
  • Sales taxes post directly to the correct vendor's accounts payable
  • Automatically tracks deferred revenue for deposits, gift/game cards, and advance ticket sales
  • Accounts receivable is tracked in Quickbooks to a single clearing account, with all details tracked in the CenterEdge Advantage system
  • Transfer using a direct interface, or use files that can be emailed to your accountant
  • Transfer the accounting numbers for a single day or an entire month with the click of a button
  • Easily import your G/L numbers from Quickbooks and map them to the appropriate accounts
  • Reduce your accounting costs by controlling your accountant's workload
  • Once configured, the interface virtually takes care of itself
  • Control accounting errors and typos
  • Post your sales numbers to Quickbooks with as much or as little granularity as you would like