Credit Cards

Every few months the news is reporting of XYZ company's network security being breached, leaving customer's credit card numbers vulnerable to theft.  It has become such an issue that in 2006 all the major credit card companies joined together to form the PCI Security Standards Council, which has provided a set of security standards that all merchants are required to follow. 

PCI DSS compliance covers a slew of location based requirements, which you can read here.  A portion of the compliancy standards covers PA-DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard) which is a set of rules that all POS companies must follow in order for you to be PCI compliant.  In order to address these security concerns, CenterEdge Software has gone to great lengths to ensure that we are PCI PA-DSS 2.0 compliant.  For more information, please read our blog post Credit Card Security, Your Point of Sale, and You.

We offer a powerful integration to Mercury Payment Systems, as well as an interface to WorldPay and Verifone PC-Charge.

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CenterEdge Software is by far one of the best & most innovative software companies to work with. Kim Williams, The Funplex
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  • PCI PA-DSS 2.0 Compliant
  • Approximately 2-3 second processing speed via the Internet
  • Support for credit cards, debit cards, and Visa gift cards
  • Process Canadian Interac Debit Cards, including EMV
  • Optional support for End-To-End (E2E) encryption
  • Fast credit card transaction speed moves your lines faster
  • Swiped or on-screen entry of credit card numbers
  • Integrated with our Point of Sale, Group Sales, and Birthday Reservations applications
  • Use signature capture pin pad devices to help eliminate receipt paper waste
  • Automatic settling credit cards with Mercury and WorldPay
  • Multiple reports to track credit card usage
  • Eliminates errors that might occur using standalone devices
  • Works with our Quickbooks Interface to send your credit card numbers