CenterEdge is proud to have deep roots to the waterpark industry and our software has been shaped by operators to meet the needs of any scale facility.

From admissions and season passes to food service, dry attractions and game room operation, the CenterEdge feature set is sure to make a splash. Park managers will benefit from the centralized reporting and ease of product set-up while guests will enjoy the convenience of online purchasing.

Our point of sale and group sales offerings are some of the best in the industry.  We can sell tickets and season passes at the entrance or online.  Our POS can also handle parking, food & beverage, retail, and arcade sales.  We are the best software solution in the industry for managing your entire waterpark.

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Take your waterpark to the next level with these products & enhancements:
  • Lightning fast transaction speed keeps your lines moving
  • Sell tickets, wristbands, concessions, merchandise, operate a restaurant/bar, and more
  • Offer Splash Cash with cards or wristbands to drive incremental sales
  • Manage and generate revenue from the rental of popular items such as lockers, cameras, strollers and inner tubes
  • An array of reports (using Crystal Reports) gives you all the information that you need about sales, employees, inventories, cash and more

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  • Pull up a customer’s past events for reference
  • Keep track of the number of people using each area to prevent overbooking
  • Integrates with our A/R system for tracking remaining balances after the event is complete
  • Create unique packages to accommodate your parties and events
  • Generate gift or arcade cards in bulk, without swiping each card

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  • Sell barcoded tickets for validation at Point of Sale or turnstiles
  • Advantage Web is a great way to increase your sales with very little management effort
  • Integrates directly with your local applications, eliminating the need for additional manual processes
  • All online sales appear on your local reports almost immediately
  • We manage the web server for you, so you don’t need to worry about server security or up-time

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  • Build information for a group once and use it for all of their future events – no retyping necessary! Our scheduling module uses a friendly and familiar Microsoft Outlook style interface to make scheduling as simple as possible
  • Easily email event reservation information to the customer
  • Build information for a family once and use it for all of their future events – no retyping necessary!
  • Use your customer database to create mass mailing lists or email listsUse your customer database to create mass mailing lists or email lists
  • Send food orders to printers in your kitchen automatically

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  • Greatly improves transaction speed and accuracy
  • Assist up to 16 guests using 8 employees per computer
  • “Bank” leftover tickets on the customer’s account or a barcoded receipt
  • Gain peace of mind with complete inventory control of all redemption merchandise
  • Integrates with Customer Loyalty to create customer reward programs in your redemption center

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  • Track labor costs by work department
  • Optionally supports biometric fingerprint identification
  • Restrict when employees can clock in based upon their schedules
  • Projected labor budgets as you are building schedules help to control labor costs
  • Employees can view and print their schedule from any computer operating the CenterEdge Advantage software

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Customer Testimonials

  • CenterEdge is the life blood of our business and we depend on its accuracy and steady, reliable performance. Our facility has been open since late 2006 and we have been associated with CenterEdge Software from day one.”

  • “Our increased profitability is due in large part to the upgrade [to CenterEdge] and has paid for itself in under two years… you must choose a product that is reliable and a vendor that stands behind it. Through all my research and conversations with peers in the industry I feel CenterEdge’s support is the best.


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