Restaurants & Bars

CenterEdge offers restaurant and bar managers a unique approach to managing their foodservice activity within an entertainment venue.

From quick service to full service, CenterEdge has you covered with remote kitchen printing, extensive modifier options, graphical seating, split/combine check options, tab management, suggested gratuities, inventory control, recipe building and more.

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Take your restaurant and bar to the next level with these products & enhancements:
  • Lightning fast transaction speed keeps your orders moving
  • Integrated credit and gift cards speed up your card-based transactions
  • Can operate using open tabs for bars or table service restaurants
  • Print orders to up to 5 kitchen printers, using either order numbers or table numbers to identify receipts
  • Vary pricing and buttons automatically by day of week or time of day
  • An array of reports (using Crystal Reports) gives you all the information that you need about sales, employees, inventories, cash and more

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  • Track labor costs by work department
  • Optionally supports biometric fingerprint identification
  • Restrict when employees can clock in based upon their schedules
  • Projected labor budgets as you are building schedules help to control labor costs
  • Employees can view and print their schedule from any computer operating the CenterEdge Advantage software

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  • Powerful customer loyalty/rewards programs
  • The built-in inventory add on module makes tracking, ordering, and receiving inventory simple
  • Support for advanced packages and recipes
  • Digital signage makes it easy to keep your menu boards up to date

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Tailored Solutions for Your Industry

Customer Testimonials

  • CenterEdge is the life blood of our business and we depend on its accuracy and steady, reliable performance. Our facility has been open since late 2006 and we have been associated with CenterEdge Software from day one.”

  • “Our increased profitability is due in large part to the upgrade [to CenterEdge] and has paid for itself in under two years… you must choose a product that is reliable and a vendor that stands behind it. Through all my research and conversations with peers in the industry I feel CenterEdge’s support is the best.