Redemption Management

The two biggest challenges of operating a redemption center are keeping transaction speed high and managing your inventory.

The Advantage Redemption system addresses both of those needs, and more. With a user-friendly interface, multiple scanner ability and many sophisticated features, it can handle all of your redemption center needs.icon-bear-big

  • Barcode scanners for merchandise and ticket receipts greatly increase speed
  • Integrates with Cashless Systems for ticketless game room operation
  • Integration with your customer database provides excellent data

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Features & Functionality

  • Assist up to 16 guests using 8 employees per computer
  • “Bank” leftover tickets on the customer’s account or a barcoded receipt
  • Software can operate with or without scanners or other peripherals
  • Use barcode scanners for merchandise or ticket eater receipts
  • Print receipt with a barcode for any remaining balance after the transaction is complete
  • Use up to 8 employees to service up to 16 customers per station simultaneously while using our simple barcode interface
  • Greatly improves transaction speed and accuracy
  • Monitor all customer activity on one screen
  • Color-coding and customizable naming make it very easy to identify customers
  • Integrates with Customer Loyalty to create customer reward programs in your redemption center
  • Gain peace of mind with complete inventory control of all redemption merchandise
  • Scanners are assigned to employees to track redemption and to provide accountability
  • Control the number of tickets redeemable without manager approval
  • You can securely control whether tickets can be added or rounded
  • Easy management and configuration of both inventory items and users
  • A plethora of reports allow you to stay on top of redemption inventories, users and other redemption activity

View Sample Redemption Reportsreport2

See how CenterEdge Advantage reports can help you to stock your redemption center with hot items, choose the best redemption center supplier and prevent employee theft.

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Customer Testimonials

  • CenterEdge is the life blood of our business and we depend on its accuracy and steady, reliable performance. Our facility has been open since late 2006 and we have been associated with CenterEdge Software from day one.”

  • “Our increased profitability is due in large part to the upgrade [to CenterEdge] and has paid for itself in under two years… you must choose a product that is reliable and a vendor that stands behind it. Through all my research and conversations with peers in the industry I feel CenterEdge’s support is the best.


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