Industry Solutions: Tailored Solutions For YOUR Industry

CenterEdge Advantage was designed with the goal of being an all-encompassing software solution for any business in the entertainment, amusement, retail or recreation industries.

Whether you need to sell admission tickets, schedule a birthday party reservation, order a cheeseburger or reward your best customers, CenterEdge has a solution for you. And best of all, CenterEdge is constantly adding new features and abilities to its Advantage suite of products!


Manage your entire facility using a single software package with common reports

Thoroughly Tested

Software is thoroughly field-tested in a live facility, reducing bugs that affect your business


Intuitive interface reduces training costs and simplifies management


Advantage is based on a Microsoft SQL database, making it a very stable system

Easy Export

Accounting information can be exported to Quickbooks or Excel


CenterEdge offers 24/7 Technical Support

Family Entertainment Centers

Palace Pointe, a family entertainment center located in Roxboro, NC, is one of CenterEdge’s sister companies. Providing them with a stable, powerful, and efficient software solution to operate their entire FEC is the reason we were founded, and we’ve taken that goal to heart. Learn More

Amusement Parks

Operate your entire amusement park or theme park using a single software package, providing Point of Sale, Group Sales, Online Sales & Season Passes, Time Clock & Scheduling, and more. Learn More

Trampoline Parks

Operate your entire amusement park or theme park using a single software package, providing Point of Sale, Group Sales, Online Sales & Season Passes, Time Clock & Scheduling, and more.  Learn More


With special features designed especially to help you operate your inflatables business, CenterEdge Advantage is the obvious choice. Learn More

Laser Tag

The CenterEdge Advantage software suite offers an excellent solution for managing a standalone facility or a laser tag attraction as part of a family entertainment center. Control capacity, schedule parties & events, and sell online.  Learn More

Restaurants & Bars

CenterEdge offers restaurant and bar managers a unique approach to managing their foodservice activity within an entertainment venue. From quick service to full service, CenterEdge has you covered.  Learn More


With Advantage Point of Sale, managing admission and gift shop sales has never been easier. Add in Group Sales and Online Ticketing and you have a robust and cost effective museum software solution.  Learn More

Retail Stores & Gift Shops

The CenterEdge Advantage Point of Sale delivers full inventory control and quick scan ability for retail stores and gift shops.  Learn More

Skate Centers

Since joining the Roller Skating Association, CenterEdge has made a concerted effort to add additional features to Advantage to make it even more effective for the skating industry.  We are proud to be the major software solution for the industry. Learn More

Theaters & Cinemas

Because CenterEdge’s sister company, Palace Pointe, contains a multiplex movie theater, our package has been designed with a very sophisticated box office package. The speed and ease-of-use of the Advantage system, combined with all of our other products, make it the perfect solution for your theater or cinema. Learn More

Zoos & Aquariums

CenterEdge offers a comprehensive suite of products for the zoo and aquarium industry. We can manage everything from your admissions ticketing to your group sales in one integrated software suite. Learn More


CenterEdge is proud to have deep roots to the waterpark industry and our software has been shaped by operators to meet the needs of any scale facility. From admissions and season passes to food service, dry attractions and game room operation, the CenterEdge feature set is sure to make a splash.  Learn More